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Mirror down without memory seats

Parts needed

1. 1x Memory Mirror Motor - P/N 3D0 959 578 C -> MUST BE C VERSION

2. 1x 8 Pin connector for new memory motor - This connector is not available for sale from VW . What people to do is buy some 12 - 16 pin connector and "shave" it down to 8 pin connector with rotary tool. Here are some examples of connectors that can be "shaved" down:

8E 0972 416

7 x new wires 000 979 009 E or (14 pins)
Here is a tip - you can buy above connectors in "pig tail form" from ebay for less then one repair wire from VW.

-24 awg wire for wire extensions
I would also recommend buy black cloth tape for finishing touches.

Remove the mirror, be careful not to break it. Remove passenger door panel. 

- Set door panel aside

- Disconnect 16pin mirror connector from door module by first pulling red tap and then pressing black tap.

Once mirror is removed set it on your work bench and begin opening it up. You will notice that your current mirror motor has only 3 pin connector but new motor has 8 pin connector.

I tucked 3 pin connector inside the mirror (incase you want to go back in future) and disconnected 3 pins from 16 pin mirror harness connector.
Pins to disconnect from 16 pin connectors are: 12 , 5 and 4

Then you can run 7 new wires from 8pin mirror motor connector to 16pin mirror harness connector. Just follow the diagram and you cant get it wrong.


1.Go to module 46 - Convenience Module-> Long Coding Helper->Byte 14 -> check Bit 7 - check Mirror lowering with reverse gear . Ignore "only with memory seats". It will not throw any errors. It is possible that this byte/bit might be located somewhere else in the module depending on year of the car.

2. Now go to 52-Door Elec. Passenger -> Long Coding Helper -> Byte 1 -> check Bit 0 - Mirror with memory function installed


 Set mirror to desired DRIVING position
- Make sure "Mirror Down" is ON in MFD menu
- Put mirror knob to R position
- Put car in reverse and set mirror to desired REVERSE position

Mirror motor positions are now learned.

How it works
In order for mirror tilt to work it needs to be in R position. Mirror will go to reverse position when car is put in reverse gear and comes up in 2 WAYS:
1. Start driving and reach 15mph ( the same time your door locks) - I think this can be set to custom value with vagcom but I never tried. 15mph is set from factory
2. Put mirror knob to 0 or other positions. You can to this for just a brief second and set the knob back to R if you like

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